A gaggle of narwhals in Scoresby Sund, East Greenland. Credit score: Carsten Egevang.

Narwhals—enigmatic arctic whales identified for his or her sword-like tusk—spend over half their time diving to seek out meals however are additionally ready to last as long as three days with no meal, in accordance with a examine by Manh Cuong Ngô and colleagues from the College of Copenhagen in Denmark, revealed in PLOS Computational Biology.

Narwhals are deep-diving whales that feed on halibut, cod and squid. The researchers analyzed 83 days of steady tagging information from a single male Narwhal (Monodon monoceros) within the arctic waters east of Greenland. In addition they recorded sudden drops within the whale’s abdomen temperature, which point out that the whale has consumed chilly arctic prey, for the primary 7 days. They discovered that swimming may very well be divided into three sorts—close to floor swimming right down to 50m, shallow foraging dives to between 50 m and 350m, and deeper dives for prey at depths between 350m and 900m. Though the authors used information from a single particular person, the dataset—which incorporates over 8500 dives—is the longest and most detailed document of whale diving exercise studied so far. Such long-term data are arduous to acquire as a result of monitoring units typically detach after just some days or perhaps weeks.

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Narwhals are regarded as impacted by reductions in sea-ice attributable to warming waters, competitors with fisheries, and disturbance by delivery vessels. This examine is step one in direction of understanding the diving conduct of those elusive creatures, which may finally assist design conservation methods to assist defend them because the local weather adjustments. Future research ought to evaluate this baseline information with data from narwhals uncovered to excessive ranges of human exercise, the authors counsel.

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“Superior statistical approaches present a novel perception right into a cryptic deep diving whale in pristine components of the Arctic,” says examine senior writer Susanne Ditlevsen. “We discovered complicated relationships between traits of diving patterns throughout totally different behavioral states, which has not been found earlier than within the analysis of cetaceans.”

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Extra info:
Manh Cuong Ngô et al, Understanding narwhal diving behaviour utilizing Hidden Markov Fashions with dependent state distributions and lengthy vary dependence, PLOS Computational Biology (2019). DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1006425

Journal reference:
PLoS Computational Biology

Supplied by:
Public Library of Science


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